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Horse drawn carriages

Travelling and visiting in a carriage

If you want to visit the back country in an unusual way, why not take a horse-drawn carriage to discover the paths and villages of the Périgord? 

Christophe will take you in the 6-seater carriage, which is comfortable and flexible, or in the covered trolley for larger groups!

Just give us a call to book a one hour ride, or to schedule a full day trip...


Remember to reserve the carriage for your events! Walks and tours of villages on markets, flea markets, fairs or other events, and of course for weddings or private events!

We can also perform skidding or horse-drawn work demonstrations.


mariage en calèche dordogne
calèche du père noël
balades calèches pour manifestation
mariage en calèche montignac
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