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We offer to care your horse at the farm, in a herd or in small groups. Twenty hectares of fields adjoining the farm will allow your companion to enjoy spacious grasslands, and for you to use our on-site facilities and to enjoy the many walks around.
Our horses benefit from natural shelters, but a hard shelter can be provided on request. The well-being of our residents is our priority! So we observe their character so that everyone is integrated into a suitable group.

The pension includes surveillance, grass and hay at will (hay from our production).  

You can of course visit your horse whenever you want. A place is kept for you in the saddlery, and the use of the arena is free and authorized outside of class hours.  

BASIC RATE: 150 € / month. 


An environment adapted to their needs

pension au pré cheval montignac


It is possible to work your horse for you, to administer special care to it, to bring it daily the food supplements of your choice, etc.

We can as well unstuff your mount, following the principles of ethological riding.

(prices on request) 

Au pair horse

pension pas cher près de terrasson

Finally, if your horse's aptitudes are suited to our activities, it is possible to take it as an au pair: free board in exchange for its use for horse riding trips and tours. Contact us for the conditions.  

merrtre un cheval au pair pour randonnées
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