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Shepherds of the AFPL leRandal

échappée pastorale, moutons périgord dordogne, éco-pâturage Randal Vézère

Our herd 's mission is to maintain the natural site of the Association Foncière Pastorale Libre du Randal, composed of dry calcicole meadows, juniper moors, undergrowth, with high ecological value, and several hectares of which are classified by the Conservatory. of the Natural Areas of Aquitaine. The mostly steep and difficult to access pastures prevent us from putting up fences for the animals, so we drive the sheep every day to graze, along with our dogs and horses. We are happy to participate in the restoration and preservation of the biodiversity of this site by this ecological means!

The ewes

Our ewes are all rustic breeds, able to enhance the sometimes poor foods they find on the limestone hillsides. We mainly breed Rouges du Roussillon, which are particularly suited to the geology of the site. We also have Solognotes, who feast especially in the undergrowth of deciduous trees, and Bizet, who are the champions of transhumance by their docility to follow the shepherd. We sell lamb meat in a short circuit.

éco-pâturage dordogne, moutons vallée de la vézère, races rustiques, agneau pastoral

We are also able to offer eco-grazing services for municipalities or companies: the use of animals for the maintenance of green spaces is making a real comeback, with convincing results from an ecological point of view. which we are witnessing after 5 years of experience. Do not hesitate to contact us.

To learn more about our eco-grazing experience, here is a link to

the site of our first company, based in Normandy.

Our old site

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