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Our horses are all rustic breeds, small or medium size, they are sure-footed and are selected for their endurance and excellent mentality, which allows them to work in herd management as well as to walk long hours of trekking. They live in herds and outdoors all year round and know the sheep as their grazing neighbors.

We regularly give birth to foals to take care of their education and their origins ourselves, and thus to have outstanding hiking companions!


The cavalry

Rustic horses with a sure foot


The cavalry

We have generally chosen quarter or paint horse horses, or crosses of these American breeds. These horses know how to inspire confidence in their rider while keeping a beautiful energy! Their calm, their confidence in the work of the herds is appreciable in our profession. The endurance and vigor of Arabic is also present in several of them in crosses.

A homogeneous cavalry, pleasant for long marches as for frantic gallopings!


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